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Would Mo Farrar win gold through trial and error? I don't think so!

The secret of achieving success in your field can be learned by observing and analysing successful people in any field. What is the common factor between Mo Farrah, Lewis Hamilton, the Red Arrows or any other 'winner' you can think of?

The answer is: training, coaching and lots of practice. It's based on the principle shown in the 70:20:10 learning model. In the corporate world, most people gain their skills simply through trial and error ('on-the-job'). But this can be enormously amplified through coaching, and underpinned by training.

This is why performance consultants like TACK are more and more providing one-to-one coaching - and other creative learning strategies - to complement more traditional off-the-job training courses.

You just need to decide what specifically you want to improve, and what kind of support mechanism works best for you.

Coaching achieves high impact in a one-to-one setting. Training is more often delivered in a group setting. Consulting interventions are targeted more at specific the organisational needs.